Laser epilating service: truth and myths

Laser epilating service: truth and myths

People are always afraid of innovations and laser epilating procedure is not an exception. The service was invented 10 years ago demonstrating perfect results in removing undesirable hair. Advantages of this technique are numerous but there also exist myths concerning laser hair removing procedure.

  1.      Laser epilating negatively affects health.

Respected beauty salons use only the most innovative equipment based on alexandrite or diode lasers. They destroy only the hair follicles causing no negative effect to the skin.

  1.      Such technique is painful.

Of course patients may feel small discomfort and that is all. For clients with hyper sensitivity or for tender body areas there applied specialized numbing creams.

  1.      The procedure removes hair forever.

The result depends on numerous factors but usually 7-8 sessions of the procedure help removing about 80% of undesirable hair.

Remember also that laser rays affect melanin. This pigment is contained in dark hair therefore procedure is not recommended for blonde and silver hair because the effect tends to be almost invisible.

Laser hair removal cost is rather affordable therefore such procedure becomes more and more popular.